5 Great Ways to Get Outdoors in Roscoe IL

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Getting outside and doing things is so important, and Roscoe is full of ways to do that. Whether you are a single person, or a family with a lot of kids, there are plenty of activities to choose from to get you out in the fresh air before winter arrives. Want to ride in an open cockpit airplane? Don’t worry, Roscoe has got you.  

There’s lot of hiking to do in Roscoe, as well as horseback riding. If those aren’t your thing, there are gardens you can visit for a more relaxing experience. Let’s take a look at 5 great ways to get outdoors in Roscoe, Illinois.  

Roland Olson Forest Preserve

The Roland Olson Forest Preserve is a prime location for getting outdoors. There are hiking trails, picnic tables, and horseback riding trails. The site the preserve is on was originally used for equestrian sports, like polo. The park has since been transformed into the recreational area that it is today. 

The 127-acre park is still accessible for horseback riding and you can take in the views of restored woods and the remains of a pine plantation that once resided on the land. You can also reserve the Shelter House at the park for a full day for events. 

Stone Bridge Trail 

Stone Bridge Trail is a 5.8-mile-long trail located in Roscoe, Illinois. The trail is built on a former railway bed that was built in the 1850s. The pathway is made of limestone, and gives hikers a peaceful view of the rural area. This trail actually passes through the Roland Olson Forest Preserve. There are East and West entrances, so you can choose which side to see. 

Anderson Japanese Gardens

About a 20-minute drive from Roscoe in Rockford are the Anderson Japanese Gardens. The gardens cover 12-acres, and on top of gorgeous greenery the gardens have waterfalls and sculptures to look at. This is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with friends and family, or even by yourself. When you’re done, you can even spend some time in Rockford for dinner for a change of scenery from small town life in Roscoe. 

Rock Cut State Park 

Rock Cut State Park is one of the largest grasslands and wildflower prairies left, so it is definitely worth going to see. There are over 100 types of wildflowers in the park, with plenty of trails, camping, fishing spots and anything else you can think of that a great state park would have. 

If you like horseback riding, this is another great place to do so. There are plenty of trails to accommodate equestrians, as well as bikers and hikers. There are also campsites available to you if you want to make a night of it at the park. 

Gypsy Air Tours 

The cool thing about Roscoe is that it is very close to the Wisconsin border, so that opens up another world of outdoor activities for you. One such activity is driving about a half hour over the border to experience Gypsy Air Tours

Gypsy Air Tours will take you on a ride in an open cockpit biplane for just $60 for 10 minutes. You can see what northern Illinois looks like from way up in the air, and figure out which sights you’d like to see next. The flights run from spring to fall, so make sure to get there while you can. 


To sum it up, Roscoe and the surrounding areas are full of outdoor activities for kids and adults of all ages. From the Japanese Gardens in Rockford, to beautiful Rock Cut State Park and everything in between. You can even take an airplane ride at Gypsy Air Tours just north of the border in Wisconsin. 

With so many activities at your fingertips, what’s stopping you? Get outside in Roscoe, Illinois today. 


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