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In Rockford, bad weather hits hard and your roof is vulnerable all year-round to hail damage and storm damage. Damage reduces the lifespan of your roof and puts the rest of your house at risk.

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Don't Wait on Hail and Storm Damage Repairs

Often, homeowners don’t realize how important the health of their roof is to the rest of their home. Sometimes this leads them to push off roof repairs due to budget concerns. But your roof is your house’s defense against damage from hail, storms, bad weather and many other issues. 

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Roof Repairs for Hail and Storm Damaged Roofs in Rockford, IL

In Northern, IL our weather can get severe. Hail, Storms, Ice, Snow, Gale Force Winds all take a toll on the longevity of your home. And it’s your roof that suffers the most from many of these conditions.  If you see these signs of damage, it’s important to take fast action and stop the issue from spreading to other parts of your home.

Damp areas on your ceiling or upper walls are signs of leaky roof issues.

Looking at your shingles, what do you see? Any visible signs of wear and tear may indicate your roof is suffering from weather damage.

There are other indicators your roof may have suffered from weather damage – including visible damage to other nearby parts of the home like your gutters or downspouts.

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If your roof is no longer in good enough shape to effectively protect the rest of your home, the above signs will be good indicators. When the shingles become damaged, it’s easy for rain, sleet and snow to get into your home. This can lead to moisture in the attic, ceilings and also places you’ll never see like behind walls. Even a little extra moisture in these areas can lead to a weakened structure, cosmetic issues and mold issues.

We Cover All Types of Hail and Storm Damaged Roofs

Hail and Storm Damage affects different types of roofs in different ways. At Cross Country Construction, we work with all types of roofs, including Shingles, Spanish Tiles, Metal and Slate.

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“Had a total of two hail storms in the same year and siding was dinged all around. I heard about how difficult it would be with getting repairs with insurance. Cross Country walked me through the entire process made me feel at ease. Even speaking with the adjusters for me on my behalf. 

Brett and his team are Class Acts and I like the work he and his crew do for the Veterans! Call these guys and take a few days off they’ll handle it!”

-Gabriel H. (Satisfied Client)

Scared or Confused About Insurance Claims? Don't Be!

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Don’t let fear of insurance claims stop you from getting your damaged roof repaired. Our team works on the behalf of our clients with insurance adjusters all the time and will help guide you so insurance claims become smooth and easy.

“Cross Country put on our new roof. They did an excellent job. It looks GREAT!

Very efficient, prompt and courteous. Would highly recommend.”

-Louise H. (Local Homeowner)

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