Nature at the Confluence

Nature at the Confluence is a nature preserve located in the South Beloit Illinois area. It is surrounded by the Rock River, Turtle Creek and Kelly Creek. This nature preserve is located on 80 acres of land with plenty of space to explore. Nature at the Confluence experiences scenic changes every season for visitors to enjoy. 

The nature preserve is home to a 5-acre prairie restoration area with trails and gardens. There are learning gardens for students to visit, and pollinator gardens to help the area with growth. Nature at the Confluence also holds events and educational programs throughout the year for visitors of all ages. 

The land the nature preserve inhabits is native Ho-Chunk land, and  their people lived in the Turtle village area until 1832. The programs held at Nature at the Confluence remember the Ho-Chunk and focus on educating visitors on their history with the land. 

Land acknowledgement is an important part of what Nature at the Confluence teaches. Every program and the website include resources for visitors to learn about the Ho-Chunk people and their time on the land in South Beloit, IL. It is a way to show respect and honor for the people who once lived on the land that people now visit for hikes and other recreational activities. 

Nature at the Confluence is located right off of Route 2 and Gardner St. in South Beloit, IL. During the holidays, visitors can come for the tree lighting celebration and view holiday decorations. They also offer several winter events for children such as winter storytelling. During the summer, free events are hosted weekly for adults and children to have an opportunity to learn something at the nature preserve. 

The preserve is home to many hiking trails. The newest trail is the Rock River Birding & Hiking Trail which  is .75 miles long. When hiking this trail, visitors can see an eagle’s nest that eagle’s have been using to raise their young for 10 years. It’s a great spot for bird watching. 

Another new trail addition is the Doreen Dalman Woodland Trail. It runs along Kelly Creek which is a natural spring in South Beloit, IL. Visitors can take this hike and walk along the water. Maps of all trails are available for download on the Nature at the Confluence website. 

Visiting Nature at the Confluence is free other than ticketed events. Visitors can hike the trails and view the prairies and gardens. 


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