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Even the best siding will eventually need to be replaced. New siding can help boost the value of your home, and offers you a chance to access certain key benefits based on the material and design of the siding that you choose. Whether your siding has been damaged or is just old, our experts are ready to help you instantly improve your home with brand new siding.

Luckily for you, Cross Country Construction is an established name in the Rockford and Roscoe, IL area.  We have over twenty 5-star reviews on Google and an overall rating of 4.7 out of 5.  Compare that to most other contractors in the area who either have lower ratings or only two to three reviews.

"I just want to say how extremely pleased and impressed with this company and their service. . . His staff was extremely professional from front end to finish. I would HIGHLY recommended this company if you are in need of any services he offers."
-Lillian R.
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The Importance of Good Siding

For most people, siding doesn’t come up as an area of consideration until it needs to be replaced. It is an easily overlooked part of a house, but in reality it plays a vital role in your home. What most consider an aesthetic component is actually an important part of your home’s overall structure. It plays a role in the appearance, insulation, and overall resilience of your home.

Our siding services are designed to provide your home with beautiful siding that matches your needs.

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Consultation Services

Our team of experts knows the ins and outs of siding, and we are more than happy to help you navigate this home upgrade. 

When you contact us, we will discuss any concerns that you might have and guide you through the process of getting new siding installed on your home quickly and easily.

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Siding Damage Repair and Home Upgrades

Whether you are looking to have your siding replaced or repaired after a particularly bad storm, or you just want to make your home look better, we are ready to help you to ensure that your needs are met. 

We are able to work with insurance companies and can also work with you personally to detail out estimates, costs, and any other concerns that you might have.

Make Sure You're Getting the Best Deal!

Even if you’ve already been looking at other siding companies in Rockford IL, give us a call.

There are a lot of siding contractors out there and both price and quality can vary tremendously.  Let’s have a conversation, get you your free estimate and see if Cross Country Construction can match or beat the price of your other companies.

Siding For Every Style and Situation

When you work with us, you can guarantee that we will help you to get siding installed on your home that you love the look of. Not everyone likes the same materials for their home, which is why we always work with our customers to make sure that they are investing in a product that suits their needs as well as their tastes.

We will happily assist you in choosing the right kind of siding for your home so that you love your new upgrade.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl offers a traditional home look that can make your house look ten years younger. It is manufactured, giving it that crisp and perfect look.

Fiber Cement Siding

This type of siding is made exactly how it sounds. It is a combination of cement and cellulose fibers. The end result is a durable siding option that looks and feels great.

Wood Siding

Wood siding has been a popular choice for homes and buildings around the world. This beautiful option is known for giving a property a more natural look.

Easy Scheduling

Your convenience is key.

We will schedule your consultation and installation at times that work for your busy schedule.

You can tell us when we should drop by and we will head over with our team to provide a quick and easy installation.

Professional Siding Installation

Our seasoned team of professionals is specially trained to provide you with a perfect siding installation so that you always feel great about the end result.

Construction is our business and we know how to install all of the most popular kinds of siding to ensure that your home ends up looking better than ever before.

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