Commercial roofs have slightly different characteristics than residential roofs. They tend to have a low slope or are entirely flat, are much larger in area than residential roofs, and are typically made of single-ply, concrete, tar and gravel, among other things. Since commercial properties have a flat roof, commercial buildings require significantly more maintenance and repairs than residential roofs. This is especially the case in colder climates where it is common to have snow accumulation. 

Commercial roofing is a specialized service that requires knowledge of smokestacks, air flow systems and external piping. At Cross Country Construction, we have a team of professionals dedicated to commercial roofing who have all the necessary equipment and skills to help address any commercial roofing needs. 

Our commercial services include:

We can handle any type of commercial property, including industrial factories, offices, hospitality, distribution centers, retail centers, education centers and much more. No matter what material or condition your roof is in, we are here to help! 

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