Commercial Solar Panels and Installation

More and more business owners are turning to solar power to run their businesses, drive down utility costs and control their energy supply

Your Guide to Powering Your Business Using Solar Energy

Solar power is becoming more and more popular throughout the US, with solar installations having grown 43% year on year (2019-2020)! 

A recent Forbes article highlighted the fact that 3.5% of commercial buildings generate electricity through solar power. The article also spoke about how there was endless potential for the industry, but how commercial solar projects at the beginning of their journeys may be the first to be deprioritized following the pandemic due to budget constraints. But we’re here to tell you just why the most innovative of organizations are seeing their plans through to completion.

Why is commercial solar becoming more popular for businesses?

For businesses, there are endless reasons why solar is becoming more popular. In fact, by 2030, solar panel installations are expected to quadruple from their current numbers (which increased by 43% last year). 

As commercial solar panel installers, we install hundreds of solar projects every year. There are endless reasons why businesses opt for solar and we’ve outlined some of them below. Due to the nature of solar, you’ll probably find that there are more benefits that you won’t have even thought about. Let’s take a look at this more closely. 

How will commercial solar panels help my business?

  • Solar will save your business cash
  • There’s no denying the fact that overheads only ever seem to be increasing at the best of times. But with the pandemic forcing many businesses to work from home and even descale their organizations, overheads have seemed even tougher to afford this last 12 months.

    Using solar will help you pay less for your electricity bills as it’s cheaper to generate electricity through solar than greenhouse gases.

    If you’re a business owner, your first question will probably be around return on investment and exactly how much money solar will save you. It’s really difficult to give an estimate due to the price varying so much depending on your business’ environment. That’s why, at Cross Country Construction, we’re able to calculate your business’ energy savings by conducting a satellite footage report which uses 10 years of real weather data.

  • Solar will make your business money
  • As well saving you money on bills, commercial solar panels can also create an additional stream of income for your business – earning back the initial installation investment in no time at all.

    This happens through an initiative called ‘net metering’ and it works by selling your business’ leftover energy back to the electricity grid. It’s a simple process requiring little-no administration on your part.

  • Solar will reduce your carbon footprint
  • Solar energy is a renewable energy source, which means it does not emit air pollution or greenhouse gases. Compare this to the likes of power plants – which, in 2019, produced 1.90 billion short tons of carbon dioxide emissions (per kWh) – and it’s clear just how much your business’ carbon footprint would reduce following a switch to commercial solar.

  • Commercial solar will attract more consumers
  • This is a huge hidden benefit of opting for solar. Generating your own electricity via solar power can make you very attractive to consumers (and also investors!). Did you know that consumers are now making more of an effort to spend with eco-friendly organizations who are more sustainable in producing and administering their products, services and the way that their business is run?

    It’s worth pointing out that installing solar and expecting your customers to know your chosen energy source won’t cut it. You’ll have to cleverly weave communications into your overall marketing strategy to position yourselves as an environment-focused business. There is huge potential here.

    What types of companies use solar for their business?

    There is no limit to the types of organization that can utilize solar power. As an example here are five completely different businesses that use solar to generate their electricity:

    • Walmart (335 sites globally)
    • Costco (78 sites)
    • Kohl’s (156 sites)
    • Apple (5 sites)
    • Ikea (29 sites)

    It doesn’t matter whether you’re a grocery store, office-based business, factory or farm, commercial solar could save you money.

    What type of commercial solar panels will my business need?

    There are three types of solar panels named monocrystalline, polycrystalline and thin-film. They’re all made of different materials and consistencies and are finalized to different efficiencies.

    As someone who’s in the consideration phase of the commercial solar installation process, going into detail here will likely be too much. Which option you choose will depend on how much space you have to work with, the level of efficiency you require and your budget. When you’re ready to talk about your options, we’d be happy to chat and also give you a free estimate. Just give us a call on (815) 315-0637.

    How efficient are commercial solar panels?

    In general, commercial solar panels are incredibly efficient. Most have a 15-23% efficiency. Here are a few things that affect the overall efficiency of your commercial solar system:

    • As we touched upon above, the efficiency of your solar panels will largely depend on which solar panel type you choose. And which solar panel type you choose will depend on your requirements as a business.
    • The solar panel installer that you choose to work with is also a huge factor. Ensuring that you work with a well-known, reputable solar company will help ensure the efficiency of your investment. 
    • The angle of your roof is also a contributing factor when it comes to efficiency. For example, if your roof is angled away from daylight, the efficiency may be lower. This is where we’ll be able to help you make the right choice when it comes to the type of solar panel you’ll require.

    Who can install commercial solar panels for my business?

    When it comes to choosing someone to install your solar panels, it’s important to pick a business with a good reputation. Solar is a big (and worthwhile) investment, so you’ll want to be confident that they can do the job.

    At Cross Country Construction, we’ve been in the industry for over 11 years. We’re skilled general contractors in Roscoe, IL, with extensive experience with commercial solar installation.  We can advise you on solar panels, net metering and even which tax deduction schemes are available to save your business money.

    If you’re looking to take your organization’s next steps towards solar, we’d love to help. Get in touch for a friendly chat and a free estimate today.

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