Top 5 Things to Do in Rockford IL

Rockford Illinois has something for everyone. It is known for its various venues of cultural and historical significance. 

We’ve picked our top five attractions in Rockford that you should check out! 

Anderson Japanese Gardens 

Anderson Japanese Gardens is considered one of the highest quality Japanese gardens in North America. The landscape features beautiful waterfalls, hiking trails, and structured gazebos, pavilions and tea houses among the plants and gardens. The gardens offer guided tours, on-site dining and a number of different events throughout the year. 

Tinker Swiss Cottage Museum and Gardens

The Tinker Swiss Cottage is a historic house museum and park. It preserves, protects and interprets the life and community contributions of the Tinker family and Rockford’s authentic history. 

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Laurent House 

The Laurent House in Rockford, IL is the only building ever designed by Frank Lloyd Wright for a person with a disability. He was a famous architect and writer, who was considered a creative master of American architecture. This was one of the best 35 homes he designed throughout this career. The single-story home is known to be both functional and beautiful, featuring a solar hemicycle footprint, fish pond and much more. 

Rockford Farmers Markets 

Rockford City Farmers Market is a great place to be as there are tons of produce, prepared foods, handcrafted goods, local craft brews and much more to browse. The market attracts anywhere from 3,000 to 5,000 visitors on any given Friday! You don’t want to miss it. 

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