How Do I Know If My Roofer Did A Good Job?

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It is important to evaluate the work done by a roofing company. You want to make sure that they did a good job on your roof to avoid any potential leaks or future problems. This can be a daunting task as many people do not know what to look for. This article will provide you with a list of seven things that will help you determine if your roofer did a good job. 

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1. Check for drip edge flashing 

Drip edge is metal flashing installed at every edge of your roof to protect the roof and gutters from water. It should be installed at every edge of your roof to prevent water damage and guard against pest infestations. A qualified roofing contractor will always use a drip edge to seal and protect the roof. If you look at the gables and eaves and see shiny metal, then you know that your roof has drop edge flashing. 

2. The roof looks uniform in appearance 

It is important to take a good look at the way the roof looks and ensure that it is uniform throughout. If your roof is uniform, that means it will wear evenly. If you notice sagging roof lines or different shingle colors , then your roof is not uniform. A professional roofer will use the same high-quality materials for the entire roof. They will also start the installation from the bottom of the roof to create a uniform appearance throughout. 

3. The use of underlayment during installation 

A professional roofing company will use underlayment during installation. Roofing underlay is a protective barrier between the sheathing and the shingles of your home. It acts as a barrier that can protect your home from moisture or water damage.  A good roofer will use a high-strength synthetic underlayment that is up to 40 times stronger than felt paper underlayment. Roofing underlayment is important because it extends the lifespan of your roof. Be sure to take note if your roofer used this during installation. 

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4. Proper flashing practices 

Flashing is a thin sheet of water-resistant material that is installed around leak-prone areas to direct water flow away from the home. A good roofer will use metal flashing under the shingles around certain areas, such as pipes or chimneys. A good roofer will also install rodent covers to prevent them from entering parts of your roof or home. Properly installed flashing will save you money in the long run as it prevents leaks and subsequent water damage. 

5. Proper nailing techniques 

A certified roofer will use proper nailing techniques, which will ensure longevity and durability. Proper nailing techniques include the correct type of nail, size, grade and quality. A roofing company should use at least four nails per shingle and six nails for an area prone to high winds. 

The depth of the nail is also important. The nail should not be driven too deep as it can cut the shingle. At the same time, an under-driven nail will not penetrate through the deck, which will increase the risk of damage, leaks and blow-offs during a storm.

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6. Proper disposal of materials 

Your home and property should look exactly as they did before the roofing company began working on your roof. A professional roofing company will never leave construction debris, packaging, old shingles, supplies or garbage. Many bring their own construction dumpster to your home to help contain the debris. Even if they don’t, a professional company will handle all aspects of the disposal and get rid of all garbage themselves. 

7. Respecting your property

A professional roofing company should never harm your property, which includes your lawn, trees, plants, bushes or related landscaping materials. Keep in mind mistakes do happen but a good roofer will always fix those mistakes immediately. 

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