How to Check if a Roofing Company is Legit (Our Top 11 Tips)

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The roof over our heads is one of the most important components of our lives, along with food and water. That’s why we must be extra careful when choosing who we’re going to trust and allow to do the roofing services on our home.

Unfortunately, sometimes it is challenging to find legitimate roofers who will do their job professionally and ethically. To make sure you avoid scammers, we’ve prepared a list of tips you should look for before hiring a roofing company.

11 Tips for Finding a Legit Roofing Company

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1. Check if the Roofing Company is Local

The first thing you should do when checking if a roofing company is legit is making sure your roofing company is local. You should be extra careful with this because some roofing contractors abuse the power of technology and appear to be local when they are not.

They do this pretty easily; it’s enough to take out a local phone number and print business cards with a permanent business address in the area in less than 24 hours—shady roofing companies can say anything they want to defraud their customers and earn money. That’s why you should do extra research, find their previous customers in your local area, and ensure that the roofing company has been in that area for a while.

2. Make Sure the Roofing Company is Carrying Insurance

If the roofing company is bonded, that means the contractors are covered for any liability issues that can arise during the work. For example, if the contractor is not insured and gets hurt while working on your roof, he can blame you for that event. Unfortunately, this case is not as rare as you may think—there are many contractors who don’t have insurance and abuse liability issues.

Feel free to ask for a physical copy of the roofing company’s insurance, which any reputable contractor would be more than willing to provide. Just a quick note: double-check to see if the insurance has up to date bonding. When a company is bonded, you are protected financially.

3. Look for Transparency

You should ask as many questions as you need to completely understand their processes and how they operate. Legitimate roofers won’t have a problem telling you all the details about warranties, similar jobs they’ve done, their permanent business address, or anything else you want to know.

Carefully listen to their answers and see if there’s any contradiction in their explanation. And don’t be afraid to trust your gut—even though you’re not a professional in roofing services, the feeling you have while talking to someone can be a strong sign that that roofing company does not inspire trust.

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4. Ensure the Roofing Company has Experience Negotiating with Insurance Companies

Hiring a roofing company that is experienced in negotiating with insurance companies can improve your chances of a favorable outcome, save you time and effort, and provide you with confidence that your claim is being handled professionally. The biggest advantage of a roofing company with experience in negotiating is that they know about and can deal with all of the necessary paperwork and, most importantly—help you maximize your insurance coverage.  

5. Check Online Reviews

Before signing a contract, make sure the roofing company has good and positive reviews online. A reliable and ethical contractor will have lots and lots of good reviews. And if you find they have some negative opinion, look at how they responded to that opinion—it can also tell you something about the company.

6. Ask for their Referrals

An accurate and authoritative contractor will be more than happy to give you a referral list of customers that they’ve served in the area. Don’t hesitate to contact those people and hear what they have to say. Checking multiple references will give you the peace of mind you need before signing a contract.

7. Make Sure the Contractor is with BBB

The BBB (Better Business Bureau) is a non-profit group with branches across North America. Its main goal is to promote trust in the marketplace by evaluating businesses’ dependability and performance, as well as helping consumers resolve their complaints.

You also should check the reviews of your potential contractor on BBB and make sure they have been there for a while, because that is huge evidence that the roofing company is trustworthy. There is almost no chance of faking reviews on the BBB.

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8. Check if the Roofing Company is Manufacturer Accredited

Manufacturer accreditation denotes that the business has received approval or certification from particular roofing material manufacturers to install their products. This accreditation serves as a validation of the company’s expertise and competence in handling those particular roofing materials.

By hiring an accredited company, you can have confidence that they are familiar with the manufacturer’s guidelines and specifications, which can help prevent potential installation errors or warranty issues. 

9. See if the Roofing Company Belongs to any Organization

Checking if the roofing company is a member of any organization is another step in ensuring you have found a legitimate roofing company. Membership in organizations like the International Code Council often signifies a commitment to professionalism and adherence to industry standards. By choosing a member company, you can have confidence in their knowledge, skills, and ethical practices. 

Also, these organizations often provide ongoing training and education to their members, ensuring that they stay updated with the latest techniques and advancements in the roofing industry. On top of that, being part of a recognized organization can provide access to resources, networking opportunities, and a support system that can benefit both the company and its clients. 

Hiring a company affiliated with an organization can offer peace of mind, knowing that you are working with professionals who are dedicated to maintaining high standards of quality service.

10.  Make Sure the Roofing Contractor is Licensed

Usually, an insurance company asks if your working contractor is licensed. Sadly, in some states, roofers don’t have to be licensed. 

The requirement for contractors to have a job license can vary from state to state in America. Licensing regulations for contractors are typically established at the state level, and each state has its own set of rules and legal requirements. Some states may require contractors to obtain a license for certain types of work, while others may have different criteria or exemptions.

Even though a license is not a guarantee for flawless work, it does offer additional assurances and protections. We highly recommend that you verify the license status of a contractor and check for any additional certifications before hiring them for a roofing project.

11. Speak with the Roofing Company’s Problem Customers

The truth is, there isn’t any roofing company with all of the happy and pleased customers. Not everything always runs smoothly. But the difference between trustworthy roofing companies and shady ones is how they act when the job doesn’t go as planned.

Many people are asking, “Why do roofers have a bad reputation?” And the truth is, most roofing companies have pushy and dishonest sales tactics. Here are some things that bad roofing companies do that should ring a warning bell for you.

Red Flags with Roofing Companies

  • A roofing company not providing your estimate in writing—a legitimate company should be putting the scope of work and leaving you with a price and estimates for 30 days.
  • Not providing product names—a legit contractor will know which products are going to be installed.
  • A roofing company offers you a “same-day price”—it’s just a sales trick to make you sign a roofing contract. Prices on materials are changing and going up, but never in one or two days.
  • They don’t have any online listings—only scam businesses don’t have an online presence and reputation.
  • No repair services—roofing companies that don’t do and offer repairs and don’t offer repairs just want to push people into the sale of a new roof.
  • Contractor name not on paperwork—this can be a pretty strong sign that the contractor had problems before and filed for bankruptcy and can’t start a new company yet, so they asked someone else to register a company for them.
  • Ask for full payment upfront—this is a red flag because that isn’t the standard practice among the best roofing companies.

Hiring a roofing company will be easier now that you know these tips.

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