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Step Into The Future Today with Solar Energy!

The future is going to be built on clean and sustainable energy sources, and we help make it all possible. Our Solar Installation services are designed to help our clients make better decisions for themselves and the environment. 

Offering a wide range of products and services that make clean energy simple:

Home Solar

Add value to your home and start saving immediately

Commercial Solar

Businesses save big with solar solutions

Farm Solar

Become more self-sufficient and reduce energy costs

Cross Country Construction is an established name in the Rockford and Roscoe, IL area.  With a 4.7 star rating on Google and hundreds of satisfied customers, we have a history of completing projects on time, on budget, with the best customer service available.

Reasons to Go Solar Today:

A Team You Can Trust

Solar solutions are modern, which is why you need experts in your court. 

We provide you with solar solutions that truly suit your needs, and we pride ourselves on delivering these to our customers. Whether you are looking to completely revolutionize your energy process or just want to crush your utility bills, we rely on years of experience to make it all possible.

With cutting-edge technology and innovative solutions, you can always expect the best from us.

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Residential Solar

More and more homeowners are switching to solar energy each and every day. We proudly offer custom solar solutions that are made to suit your personal needs at home. Our team is ready to offer a solar system that looks good on your home and matches your energy consumption needs. With our help, you can dramatically lower your monthly costs and improve the value of your home! 

This is a modern and innovative approach to improving the quality of your home. The best part? We do all the hard work!

Commercial Solar

Businesses have a lot to gain from converting to solar energy. Since most businesses use a fair amount of energy, solar panels can offer a ridiculous amount of savings. The more energy that you need, the more you should be considering solar panels for your business. Our custom solar solutions make it easy for you to save on high monthly costs and improve your company’s green status.

Farm Solar

Farms require a large amount of energy to operate, which makes them ideal for savings opportunities. If you are a farm owner looking to provide your farm with clean and cheap energy, look no further. We are able to provide custom solutions to farmers and other prominent businesses to help lower monthly costs. 

Our services are designed to provide custom solutions for your needs so that you can be eco-friendly and financially responsible at the same time.

Make Sure You're Getting the Best Deal!

Even if you’ve already been looking at other solar installers, give us a call.

There are a lot of solar contractors out there and both price and quality can vary tremendously.  Let’s have a conversation, get you your free estimate and see if Cross Country Construction can match or beat the price of your other contractors.

Easy Scheduling

Your convenience is key.

We will schedule your consultation and installation at times that work for your busy schedule.

You can tell us when we should drop by and we will head over with our team to provide a quick and easy installation.

Local Solar Solutions Made Easy

Every neighborhood has its own benefits, and we are looking to bring eco-friendly benefits to yours. Working with us is not just a matter of lowering costs, it is pushing your neighborhood ahead by doing your part on a local scale to support the environment. 

When you invest in our solar solutions, you are helping yourself and the planet to ensure that the world looks a little better tomorrow than it does today. When we invest in sustainable solutions, we directly support the future of our planet!

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