Six Tips to Choosing the Right Siding Color

Houses with tan and red siding

Choosing the right color for your siding is a big decision and one that often comes with a lot of pressure. Siding is not something that can be easily changed or fixed if you don’t like it. The color that you select can also impact not only how you feel about your house but its value too. 

As siding contractors Rockford IL, we know how challenging this can be for homeowners.  That’s why we’ve put together ten tips to help you select the right color for your siding.

1. Let your house act as a starting point 

When it comes to selecting a color for your siding, you need to take into consideration the combination of hues in your trim, front door, roof, and other exterior elements. This will help you determine the color palette that you can start working from. One of the main factors that should be taken into consideration is your roof, as it is rated to last upwards of 20 years. The last thing you want to do is pick a color that clashes with your roof. It is important that the color you select for your siding fits the overall style and surroundings of your home.

House with purple color siding
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2. Compare Several Colors before committing 

It is always a good idea to select a range of different colors. Don’t make a decision on a whim. Take your time and really think about your options. We recommend testing out a few of your top choices to see how they will look in various light conditions before making the final decision. If you can, apply swatches on different sides of your house to see how they look in the morning, afternoon and evening. 

3. Drive around for Inspiration 

Driving around your neighborhood can help you identify potential color schemes for your home. It will allow you to see the types of colors you like and dislike. It will also give you an idea of color combinations that are commonly used. 

Pay particular attention to homes near you and ones that are a similar style to your own. For example, if you have a colonial home and notice that most homes of similar style are shades of gray and yellow, it might be wise to go in that direction. Of course, there are opportunities to be unique and different but you also don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb. Finding that balance is key. 

House with brown color siding
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4. Look to your landscaping for ideas

Believe it or not, your landscaping can play a role in your decision-making process. You can pull or eliminate colors, shades and tones based on your landscaping. For example, a bright colored garden could benefit from a subdued siding color scheme to provide balance. 

5. Think about your climate 

Climate can also play a big role in choosing the right color for your siding. Intense sunlight during the summertime can make colors feel a lot brighter, while cloudy winter afternoons can make colors feel a lot duller. Think about your area’s climate and how the weather conditions will affect the hue of the color. 

The color you pick can also impact the temperature of your home. Dark and dull colors on a home’s exterior can absorb anywhere between 70 to 90% of the sun’s energy, while brighter and lighter colors reflect more energy. That means that darker paint can actually make a house warmer. 

6. Resale Value

If you aren’t planning to sell your house in the near future then this may not apply to you. However, if you are planning to sell, it is worth investigating how the color you select will impact the resale value. Experts say that a tan color or light neutrals are the best choice if you want to get the most money for your home. 

For more information, read our companion article, “How to Choose the Right Siding for Your Home.”

Picking the right color for your siding is a decision that should not be taken lightly. 

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